We were shocked when we found out the truth about regular gum. We had so many questions, and we’re sure you do too!

Regular chewing gum is a single-use plastic!

Yep, most gum brands quietly contain plastics (such as Polyethylene, one of the main compounds found in shampoo and water bottles), hidden under the phrase 'gum base' within their ingredients. Regular gum will outlive you, and pollute our planet!

At Nuud, we don't use a plastic gum base, instead we use a sustainably harvested tree sap called Chicle. Our gum is plastic free, plant based and biodegradable.

Discover the truth about regular chewing gum.

Gum base is the indigestible part of the gum that makes it chewy. It’s known as a ‘proprietary ingredient’ which means it contains sub-ingredients.

In regular gum, this is where the plastics are found.

Did you know that discarded plastic gum is stuck on over 95% of pavements in the UK?

At Nuud, instead of plastic, we use a sustainably harvested tree sap called Chicle. Find out more about our ingredients.

Yes! All our gum is naturally sweetened with 100% Xylitol to help protect your teeth. Coming from the bark of birch and beech trees, Xylitol is Oral Health Foundation approved to reduce tooth decay and can even reverse decay by helping to replace the minerals in tooth enamel.

Yes! All our gum is certified vegan by The Vegan Society.

All our gum is dairy free, gluten free, egg free, soy free, nut free, wheat free, fish free, paraben free and crustacean free. If you have any other specific allergy concerns, please reach out to us.

Yes! This is a gluten free zone.

Yes! You won't find that in our gum.

Yes! All our gum is non-GMO.

Only plastic free, plant based ones! Our gum base is made from a sustainably harvested tree sap called Chicle. Find out out more about our recipes and ingredients.

Yes! Unlike regular chewing gum which sticks around and lasts forever Nuud is biodegradable. When you're done chewing you can pop our biodegradable chewing gum in your compost bin, just like a banana skin!

Yes! Nuud biodegrades just like a banana skin. With our own garden composter, we’ve found that Nuud breaks down in about 12 weeks. This will depend on how you compost, but it’s much better than the 500 years that it can take for plastic to break down! Try for yourself and let us know.

Nuud is the FIRST plastic free chewing gum to be approved by the Oral Health Foundation.

Our refreshingly good gum is naturally sugar free and sweetend with natural sweetener xylitol.

Chewing nuud is beneficial for dental health as chewing helps to neutralise plaque acids after eating and drinking anything, such as sugary foods or coffee, that may cause harm to your pearly whites!

Find out more about the benefits xylitol.

Please don’t...it’s just not something you should swallow. As it’s plastic free, plant based and biodegradable, once you’re done chewing you can dispose of it in your compost!

It’s always best to consult with a dental professional. Children 6 and over can chew gum provided they understand that it shouldn’t be swallowed.

Nuud is plant based and sugar free using a natural ingredient called xylitol. Xylitol is Oral Health Foundation approved to reduce tooth decay.

Yes! Please keep your dog away from Nuud. Nuud contains xylitol, and when ingested by dogs it can cause them to react badly and can sometimes be lethal - don’t worry xylitol is totally safe for humans and great for your teeth!

If you think your dog has accidentally eaten your gum, take them to your vet immediately.

Nuud is packaged in plastic free, recyclable cardboard. We’re also proud to carry the Plastic Free Trustmark for both our gum and packaging, from our friends at A Plastic Planet.

Refreshingly good! Go on try it for yourself and tell us your favourite flavour.

Nuud is made and packaged in Europe.

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