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"A Kitten is better than a Dragon any day!" "A Kitten is better than a Dragon any day!"

"A Kitten is better than a Dragon any day!"

🐱 Kittens > Dragons 🐉

We’re thrilled to say that Candy Kittens founders Jamie Laing and Edward Williams have invested in our plastic free, plant based chewing gum, and will be joining all of us in getting the world to #ChewPlantsNotPlastic! 🌿

Who knew that chewing gum contains as much plastic as a drinking straw? Jamie and I were blown away with Keir and the business - a brand that is taking on one of the biggest environmental issues in confectionery, with a product that tastes and looks great.” – Ed Williams, Candy Kittens co-founder

I’m over the moon to have partnered with Ed and Jamie - and a Kitten is better than a Dragon any day! This partnership will accelerate the growth of Nuud and our ability to solve the plastic gum problem for good.” – Our founder, Keir

After our pitch in the Den ended up without a Dragon joining us, we couldn’t be happier to have a Kitten instead, and we’re so excited for how they’re going to be able to help us in ridding the world of the plastic gum that sticks to your shoe and outlives you!

Try our plastic free chewing gum for yourself!


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