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Is Nuud gum any good? Is Nuud gum any good?

Is Nuud gum any good?

Just like you we were shocked when we found out about the hidden plastics in gum! We LOVE chewing gum and we didn’t want to stop chewing.

That’s why we created Nuud…to rid the world of plastic gum and make sure everyone could still enjoy a refreshingly good alternative. 

Don't just take our word for it!
Nuud has been approved by experts and tested by people who love chewing as much as you! 

  • Plastic free - Nuud gum is certified as Plastic Free 
  • Plant based - Nuud gum is certified by the Vegan Society
  • Biodegradable - Nuud gum breaks down just like a banana skin! 
  • Naturally sugar free sweetened with xylitol - Nuud is the ONLY plastic free chewing gum to be approved by the Oral Health Foundation as beneficial for Oral Health

Tasting and doing good
Huge thanks to all you Nuudists choosing not to chew plastic! Since launch we've saved the equivalent of over 5 million plastic straws from entering the environment. 

What you’re saying…

“Somehow, they perfected the formula to make a nice, soft, tasty and long lasting chewing gum, all whilst being all natural....”
iGame, Amazon

“I admire the ethos of this company, with its recyclable packets etc. and biodegradable gum - much better for the planet.”
W, King, Amazon

“I’m so glad I’ve discovered this - great tasting and long lasting chewing gum - with no plastic. Absolutely love it and I’m just ordering my third box. I only wish it came in bigger boxes too.”
AHRU, Ocado 

“Delicious gum and great to know it’s good for the planet!”
Mocha, Ocado 

“It is minty, sweet and pleasantly chewable. Sweetness lasts for an hour or so, freshness keeps much longer. Great product”
 Redlemon, Ocado 

 “Wow, such nice flavours. Once you bite into the crispy outer shell the flavours explode in your mouth” 
Keith and Joyce, Amazon

Try Nuud and experience our refreshingly good gum for yourself
You’ll never run out of your favourite flavour gum again if you subscribe or you can order a taster pack to try all three flavours - peppermint, spearmint and menthol. 

Let us know what you think
We love seeing your Nuuds in the wild. Tag us in your posts @NuudGum #ChewPlantsNotPlastic

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