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Why we're over the moon to be stocked at Morrisons 🌝 Why we're over the moon to be stocked at Morrisons 🌝

Why we're over the moon to be stocked at Morrisons 🌝

This week our plastic free, plant based, biodegradable and sugar free Spearmint Gum launched in Morrisons in over 420 stores! Other than the obvious excitement to see our creation across the country, it’s so encouraging to see big supermarkets support our small brand – knowing that more and more people will be learning the truth about regular plastic chewing gum and how we can be rid of it 🌿

Here's a few reasons why we're so pleased to be specifically stocked in Morrisons...

1. Plastic free packing

Morrisons are soon to become the first UK supermarket to remove all plastic carrier bags from their stores! Offering instead paper bags with lower carbon emissions and the same strength 💪
More of this please! 

2. They're growing British brands (including us!)

With a team of experts in innovation, Morrisons created Growing British Brands – a programme helping small businesses with big, disruptive ideas get to market nationally. And guess what, Nuud is one of them!
#ChewPlantsNotPlastic 🌿

3. They've created a Mask Force

In collaboration with The Sun, they created a single-use mask recycling system called Mask Force in their stores to try and reduce the awful impact masks are having on our environment 😷
With over 100 million single-use masks thrown away each week, this scheme is SO important (P.S. please use reusable masks when you can!)

4. Their food is too good to go

Morrisons are the first supermarket in the UK to offer food past its ‘best before’ date through the ground-breaking app Too Good To Go. People can buy surprise boxes of quality food that would otherwise be wasted for a fraction of the original price. 
👍 Win win! 👍

5. Naturally Wonky, naturally wonderful

Crooked, pointy, bulgy and bizarre – Morrisons offer a ‘Naturally Wonky’ range of over 50 types of unshapely fruit and vegetables which would otherwise be overlooked 🥔🥬🥕 It reduces food waste by literally tonnes, makes healthy eating more affordable and gives farmers a revenue they wouldn’t normally have.
We love it – after-all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts! 💚

6. They're helping kids grow!

Launched this summer, Morrisons has the scheme It’s Good To Grow where for every £10 you spend in-store or online they give a Grow Token for schools to receive free gardening equipment for their children.
The more green-fingered kids growing grub, the better, we say 🧑‍🌾



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