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Xylitol 🌳 Barking up the right tree Xylitol 🌳 Barking up the right tree

Xylitol 🌳 Barking up the right tree

To protect your teeth, we use a natural sweetener in our gum called Xylitol.

It’s using this that makes Nuud completely sugar free. Whilst Xylitol might sound like some suspicious man-made concoction, you’ll be happy to know it actually comes from the bark of birch and beech trees! Here are a few of our other favourite facts about this incredible ingredient:

→ The Tooth Fairy hates it, dentists love it
Used to replace sugar, Xylitol is
Oral Health Foundation approved to reduce tooth decay and can even help reverse decay by helping to replace the minerals in tooth enamel.

→ A low calorie killer
Whilst Xylitol may taste the same as sugar, it is in fact low calorie and kills bacteria through starving it rather than feeding it. Win win we say!

→ Dreamy for diabetics
With a low GI of 7, Xylitol won’t spike insulin levels, making it great for diabetics.

→ Dry mouth no more
Using Xylitol in gum helps promote saliva – providing relief to anyone suffering from dry mouth and helping return mouths to a pH neutral level.

↓ That's all of our fun facts for the day.


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